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Trip Facts #1

Whale Watching Trips (June To December)

Our whale watching trip take place from July to December however, should the whales change their migration schedule (arrive early and leave later) we will change our schedule accordingly.

Whale Facts #1

The Southern Right Whale is the most renown of all the whales in South Africa.

When whaling was legal, these whales were thought of as the “right” whales to hunt; they move slowly, float to the surface when killed and have a high yield of oil as well as a very mellifluous baleen.

These whales were hunted ruthlessly and today a mere 10% of the original populations of these magnificent creatures have survived.

gold coast city council

Baby humpback whale that beached itself at Surfers Paradise guided back to sea then gets stuck in shark net

TIME is running out for a baby humpback whale rescued from Surfers Paradise beach this morning.

The 1.5-tonne baby boy, estimated to be no more than a week old, washed ashore overnight, sparking a 10-hour rescue operation.

He was eventually… Continue reading

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