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Trip Facts #1

Whale Watching Trips (June To December)

Our whale watching trip take place from July to December however, should the whales change their migration schedule (arrive early and leave later) we will change our schedule accordingly.

Whale Facts #1

The Southern Right Whale is the most renown of all the whales in South Africa.

When whaling was legal, these whales were thought of as the “right” whales to hunt; they move slowly, float to the surface when killed and have a high yield of oil as well as a very mellifluous baleen.

These whales were hunted ruthlessly and today a mere 10% of the original populations of these magnificent creatures have survived.

Baby humpback whale that beached itself at Surfers Paradise guided back to sea then gets stuck in shark net

TIME is running out for a humpback rescued from this morning.

The 1.5-tonne baby boy, estimated to be no more than a week old, washed ashore overnight, sparking a 10-hour rescue operation.

He was eventually shepherded out to sea by rescue workers from Sea World, and lifeguards about 10.30am only to later become tangled in .

After a further 15 minutes he was cut free by rescuers who have maintained an escort off the coast as the baby searches for his lost mother.

While the rescue has so far been a resounding success, Sea World’s director of Trevor Long said it was critical the calf was reunited with his mother or he would not survive for long alone.

Sea World research vessels will stay with the whale for the rest of the afternoon.

After calling in excavation equipment, rescuers were able to dig a channel back out to the sea and slowly coaxed the 1500-kg infant in to the water, to huge cheers from a crowd of several thousand onlookers about 10.30am.

Rescue boats from Sea World are escorting the whale just beyond the break zone while the search continues for it’s mother.

Despite the initial success of the rescue operation, there are fears the animal may not survive unless it can be reunited with its mother.

The arrived on the beach about 8.15am, several hours after the baby humpback was discovered lying exhausted on the Surfers Paradise sand.

The humpback calf, believed to be only two weeks old, was discovered floundering in the shorebreak earlier this morning near Elkhorn Avenue.

’s Trevor Long had earlier said there was little point re-floating the two-week-old calf until its mother was found.

“These animals are velcroed to their mum, they need a lot of nourishment from their mum,” he said.

It was unlikely another female whale would take care of the whale, but mother and baby would recognise each other as soon as they were near enough to communicate.

“They will communicate with each other,” Mr Long said.


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